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LogoIncluded Launches Hot New Products!

Friday, October 21st, 2011

NEW iPhone 4 cases! This ideal accessory is precisely engineered to fit the iPhone 4 perfectly.  Rugged enough to keep your phone safe from harsh environments, scratches. dust or damage.  Can be removed and washed for reuse, leaves no residue.


 Never touch your screen again! rfect for ladies who have their nails done,or if you don’t want to take your gloves off on a cold day.  These beautiful multi-purpose stylus tools and pen combo’s are conveniently sized and designed to fit just about anywhere.  Great corporate gift idea!

Premium sound earbuds!  Listen to your music with added comfort and quality with our noise-isolating, in-ear design.  The Isolator earbuds deliver precise clarity so you can enjoy natural vocals and a big bass punch without disortion.

Now you can navigate with a breeze! It works wirelessly, so you don’t have to worry about cable s or adaptors cuttering your workspace.  Discover how it’s elegant design quickly handles everyday on-screen action like scrolling and minimize/maximize with easy finger geatures.  Folds in half so it travels easily, illuminated scroll wheel, mini dongle included.

Charge you iPhone in your car, anytime/anywhere!
Small, compact for easy travel.  Plug in your cigarette lighter and charge your device.

Want to sell more? 2 tips to ride the tablet wave.

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

When Apple first created the iPad it was to mixed reviews of its utility, function, and purpose. Was it just an oversized iPhone? Was it just for games? Was it Apple’s big mistake? After the launch of the original iPad the sales numbers settled this one for us definitively. For 2010 Apple shipped an estimated 10 million units in the U.S., easily outpacing the original iPhone. With the breakaway success of the iPad other manufacturers are rushing to get in on the action and carve their piece of the tablet market. Early estimates indicate global sales of 44 million units for FY’11 are being reported by IDC, with early estimates for 2012 reaching as high as 70 million units. Tablet sales are expected to take outpace the sale of Netbooks for 2012.

This is great news for the promotional products industry. All of these units are going to need cases, screen protectors, chargers, car chargers, and other accessories. Targeting these products and opportunities will present great opportunities to increase sales with your existing customers, and show potential prospects that you are ahead of the market and proactively serving their needs. Being the first to show a client a new product or idea puts you in the drivers seat. No longer are you a vendor, but you are a now a partner, presenting them with new items and ideas to increase their brand awareness and help drive their marketing initiatives. When evaluating products keep these 2 pointers in mind:

  • Any iPad accessories are HOT! Apple’s iPad is still 90% of the market. Examples: cases , chargers, screen protectors, etc.)
  • Products that will work with any tablet. ( keyboards, stylus etc.)

Have you seen our hottest new iPad accessory? Introducing the TS01 – Stylus. Will work with any capacitive touch screen ( iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc).

TS01 The Digit iPad Stlus

Our 2011 Product Catalog is Here!

Monday, February 14th, 2011

We’ve posted an interactive catalog as well as downloadable catalogs in PDF format.

Please visit our catalog download page to get yours today!

Launch it…you know you want to!

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Revolutionary web key tool that automatically launches your website.

How much pressure do you put on your website?   Online ordering, reservations, appointments, access to confidential information, etc., etc.   If so, it becomes business-critical that your customers remember your domain.   The last thing you want is your customer aimlessly surfing the web for your company.  Perhaps even falling in the hands of your competitors. 

We have the perfect solution – It’s Simple & Fast.

LogoIncluded has recently introduced a new breed of web key technology that works on both PC and MAC operating systems.  Just plug the web key into any USB port and it automatically launches your pre-programmed website.   Allowing customers to quickly and easily have access to your website from any computer, 24/7. 

A Low Cost Solution to Printing Catalogs

Host your catalog on your website where you can keep it updated and you’ve just eliminated hundreds of wasted dollars in printing.

Effective Direct Mail Tool

The Runner (UD11) is small and thin enough to mail or attach to a magazine ad.

Increase Brand Awareness

Drive customers to your website with a customized marketing tool Inside and Out with your exact PMS colors.

A web key that comes in many different forms….

WK-OM01 - Mini WebKey Mouse   WK-PB100 - Push Button WebKey   WK-UD11 - Mini WebKey Drive

…and a marketing tool that keeps focus on your brand, not your web address!

Check out the website or call our office for more information.

Our 2010 Product Catalog is Here!

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

We’ve posted an interactive catalog as well as downloadable catalogs in PDF format.

Please visit our catalog download page to get yours today!

New USB Drive Added – Amp (UD-12) Black

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

We have a new black engraved flash drive that is now on our website. This can be in your hands usually within 72 hours.

Available in as little as 72-hour turn-around

Amp (UD-12) Black

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