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Sign Up and Win an iPad 2 today!

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

In our biggest contest of 2011, we are giving away what everybody has on their wish lists this year – Apple Products!

IT’S EASY – sign up for our contest and you’ve earned your chance to win one of the following prizes:

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There’s an App for Us!

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Check out the new LogoIncluded App available on the Apple App store for your iPhone, or iPad for access to all these great features:

We use state of the art photography equipment to take professional quality photos of our own products.  Now thousands of these photos are available to you anytime in the palm of your hand.  Ideal for presentations when you need to show your customer what a finished product will look like.

Tired of having to call your sales rep to get up-to-date accurate pricing?  Our app provides real-time pricing.  When we lower our pricing, you see
it right away!

If you are not yet a LogoIncluded distributor, all pricing is displayed as coded [R].  If you are, login with your LogoIncluded distributor credentials, and all of
the pricing throughout the entire app is updated to show YOUR PERSONALIZED NET pricing!

Always be ìin the knowî by reading our news section for sales and business tips and information about our newest product additions.  Our Specials area
will give you the details on all of our current promotions.  Weíll even provide you a PDF that you can send to others via e-mail.

Find detailed information on our products such as product colors, dimensions, imprint dimensions, product features, available packaging and accessories, product options and production times! Save your favorite products for quick access. Share any product via email with your clients.

We have hundreds of products, now available at your fingertips!  Browse through our catalog of USB flash drives, pen drives, optical mice, digital frames, screen cleaners and other technology products!

Take a video tour of our factory in China, learn about our passion for social accountability and our environment.  Read about our free mockup services and ability to make you a 100% high quality custom product and more.



2 profitable products that you can sell to Pharma clients RIGHT NOW.

Monday, July 11th, 2011

The Pharma guidelines enacted in 2009 put a huge crimp on ad-specialty sales across the US. Many companies saw their revenues cut dramatically, and were forced to reinvent themselves overnight to respond to the changes created by the new guidelines. The guidelines are voluntary and they boil down to 2 basic rules regarding the sale of technology items. The basic rules are:

  1. The products must be used for educational purposes.
  2. The products can’t have any residual value (use)

With these limitations in mind we can recommend 2 HOT products for your pharma clients. These products are:

  • USB Flash Drives – In order to comply with the regulations USB drives must meet 2 important conditions:
    1. They must have content loaded that is educational in nature. This can be videos of drug usage information, prescribing info, contraindications, etc.
    2. The drive must have the educational data loaded and the entire drive has to be locked so that the content can’t be removed and nothing else can be stored on them(no residual value).

    It is important to consider that typically all this data is pretty small in size, and as the remaining space can’t be used you should buy the smallest capacity to fit the data that you are trying to load. This is typically 64MB for most of our clients.

  • Webkeys – A webkey looks like a USB drive, but instead of being able to store content, they hold a single URL, which is loaded on your internet browser when you plug the webkey into a USB port on your PC. For Pharma complance the URL needs to be pointed to educational content somewhere on their website. Webkeys have a couple of unique advantages which make them a VERY attractive alternative.
    1. Webkeys are typically quite a bit cheaper than a USB flash drive as there is no need for flash memory.
    2. Since a webkey points to a landing page on a website, the content can easily be changed after the units are shipped. Any changes made to the landing page are automatically changed the next time the user plugs the webkey into their PC.

The pharma changes definitely have caused a lot of heartburn in the industry, but fortunately, there are still many alternatives to sell into this HUGE market. If you have pharma clients or prospects, keep these points in mind to grow your business.

Want to sell more? 2 tips to ride the tablet wave.

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

When Apple first created the iPad it was to mixed reviews of its utility, function, and purpose. Was it just an oversized iPhone? Was it just for games? Was it Apple’s big mistake? After the launch of the original iPad the sales numbers settled this one for us definitively. For 2010 Apple shipped an estimated 10 million units in the U.S., easily outpacing the original iPhone. With the breakaway success of the iPad other manufacturers are rushing to get in on the action and carve their piece of the tablet market. Early estimates indicate global sales of 44 million units for FY’11 are being reported by IDC, with early estimates for 2012 reaching as high as 70 million units. Tablet sales are expected to take outpace the sale of Netbooks for 2012.

This is great news for the promotional products industry. All of these units are going to need cases, screen protectors, chargers, car chargers, and other accessories. Targeting these products and opportunities will present great opportunities to increase sales with your existing customers, and show potential prospects that you are ahead of the market and proactively serving their needs. Being the first to show a client a new product or idea puts you in the drivers seat. No longer are you a vendor, but you are a now a partner, presenting them with new items and ideas to increase their brand awareness and help drive their marketing initiatives. When evaluating products keep these 2 pointers in mind:

  • Any iPad accessories are HOT! Apple’s iPad is still 90% of the market. Examples: cases , chargers, screen protectors, etc.)
  • Products that will work with any tablet. ( keyboards, stylus etc.)

Have you seen our hottest new iPad accessory? Introducing the TS01 – Stylus. Will work with any capacitive touch screen ( iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc).

TS01 The Digit iPad Stlus

4 Reasons the Japanese Tsunami didn’t affect memory long term

Monday, June 27th, 2011

In March we saw the enormous devastation caused by the Tsunami in Japan send shock waves through the technology sector.  Fear of damage to vital factories, existing inventories, and uncertainty about Japanese infrastructure caused some pretty crazy pricing for a few days directly after the event.  There was also a lot of talk in the media about the entire supply chain being a problem, even if there were no real memory inventory shortages. Fortunately these dire predictions were proven incorrect mostly because of the 4 factors below.

1)      No major flash manufacturers sustained any  direct damage to their infrastructure or manufacturing facilities.  The only real slowdowns they suffered were related to shutting down shifts to preserve power for resuce and recovery efforts. 

2)       The fear of wafer manufacturers and other secondary component makers who were affected not being able to make sufficient product to meet global demand was over-hyped.   

 3)      The global economy has been sluggish and is now entering the summer season where demand is typically lower.

 4)      Apple, the largest consumer of NAND flash and other major flash consumers didn’t rush their delivery dates and use up available inventories for fear of dwindling supplies.  They all waited to see if there was sufficient reason for concern before reacting in appropriately.

Flash is traded as a commodity, just like Oil and Pork Bellies.   Because of this prices are continuously changing and are subject to some pretty wild swings at the best of times.  Fortunately there was really no material shortage given the factors above and prices returned to normal ranges  within a period of a few days.

Press Release: Barker Specialty Company Award

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Barker Specialty Company recently published a press release regarding their Annual Vendor Dinner and their Award winners.  LogoIncluded was the proud recipient of the Customer Service of the Year Staff award.

On March 8th, 2011 – Barker Specialty Company of Chesire, Connecticut, hosted their Annual Vendor Diner with nearly 100 suppliers in attendance.  Read more…

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Memory Update 3-17-11

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

It appears that the original panic has calmed a bit and prices are unchanged today  from Wednesday.  The major concern at this point appears to be how the damage to component suppliers ( wafers, etc) will affect supply in the longer term.   We are able to get inventory  as needed, and are able to ship orders within normal leadtimes.  Prices remain good for today only as things could still change very quickly, but rest assured we are still doing everything in our power to continue to produce your orders quickly, efficiently, and to minimize the financial strain for our valued distributor partners.  We will update further if there are any significant changes to either  pricing or supply issues.  Thanks for your business and confidence in us during this difficult time.

Memory Prices Stabilize

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Good news. Last night we saw prices stabilize a bit and some available inventory. We are still fulfiling orders and quoting on short lead times. The market is still full of uncertainty and prices can and most likely will continue to fluctuate wildly for a few days. We will continue to provide updates as the situation continues to stabilize and we get a more accurate picture of where prices are going to trend. We appreciate your loyalty and patience through this trying time and our continued thoughts and prayers are with the Japanese people who are so horribly affected by this tragedy.

Update on the Situation in Japan and Flash Memory

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

The rolling blackouts and outages continue in Japan, as well as the fear of even more widespread radioactive pollution from the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear power plant and any disruptions this may cause.  There are not only problems with the NAND flash supply, but there have been supply chain disruptions for wafer manufacturers and other electronic component manufacturers.    We are still getting details slowly and there is still much confusion and fear in the market place.  We have been able to purchase inventory and are currently quoting spot market prices that are valid till 4:00PM EDT of the same day.  For larger quantities we are confirming inventory availability and pricing daily on an order by order basis.  We continue to work to ensure as little disruption to you, our distributor partners as possible.  We appreciate your support and will continue to provide updates as they are available and the picture begins to clear and pricing / inventory  picture firms up.

Important Announcement: Memory Price Increases

Monday, March 14th, 2011

With the current tragedy unfolding in Japan from the Earthquake last Friday, we are seeing huge increases in the cost of NAND flash memory, which is the memory component in a USB flash drive.  Approximately 50% of the world’s flash memory is produced in Japan, so there is widespread fear of inventory shortages.   This has caused prices to go up overnight 50-60 % across the board, and we are likely to see more price increases as available inventory drops in the market. Luckily the production plants in Japan weren’t directly affected, so we remain hopeful that the situation will be short lived. We are working diligently to minimize the impact of this to our valued distributor partners and we will continue to provide updates as this situation continues to unfold.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the unfortunate people in Japan who have been so directly affected by this  tragedy.

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