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One Size Fits All

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

If you’re like most cell phone users, you’ve probably upgraded your phone a time or two which, of course, required a new phone charger.  A few upgrades later and your junk draw is a sea of useless old adapters.  Well, no more my friend!  Finally, the world’s biggest mobile phone makers have announced a deal with the European Union to introduce a universal phone charger that will work on millions of handsets made by different manufacturers.

Big names in the industry like Apple, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson will begin using this standardized adapter by 2010, making all handsets compatible with a micro-USB plug already standard on handsets such as Blackberries.

Manufacturers will roll out these new phones, first in Europe that will no longer come pre-packaged with their own charger.  You’ll now have to purchase the universal charger, but the convenience of having just one for every phone should win you over.

A major factor of concern and driving force on this agreement was the level of waste generated by redundant chargers, European legislators had, prior to Monday’s agreement, considered forcing manufacturers to adopt universal technology.  Thankfully, it didn’t come to that measure and with the Europe-wide agreement in place; the rest of the world is unlikely to lag behind.

At LogoIncluded, we are excited by this announcement because we understand that most cell phones rely on different chargers, causing mountains of wasted electronic.  That’s why we already offer semi-universal phone chargers, such as the LifeSaver (EC05), and solar-powered phone chargers such as the Clam (SBC03) that are both packaged with several adapter options.  Check out www.logoincluded.com for more product information or click on the pictures below.

LifeSave (EC05)

LifeSaver (EC05)

Clam (SBC-03)

Clam (SBC-03)

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