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Archive for March, 2014

1GB & 2GB Near End of Life

Friday, March 21st, 2014

Going forward 4GB USB drives will be the entry level size.   Flash memory manufacturers are no longer making 1GB or 2GB flash chips.  The remaining small flash supplies have pretty much dried up to the point at which 4GB flash is virtually the same price.  At this point there is no reason to offer 1GB or 2GB when you can purchase 4GB drives at the same price.

Users should also be concerned about the quality and reliability of 1GB and 2GB flash if other vendors are still offering them.   The quality concern is because any 1GB or 2GB flash is going to be what is known as “marked down” memory.  Marked Down Flash memory is when a flash chip does not pass tests as it expected size and needs to be marked down to a smaller size to find working blocks.  As an example, a flash chip manufacture makes 8GB flash – but during testing – the chips fail to format maybe due to mistakes in the manufacturing process.  Maybe there is only 1GB of usable space in the 8GB chip –  so the chip is “marked down” from 8GB to 1GB.   But as a user of that drive – there would be major concerns that if nearly 90% of the blocks failed – what guarantee do you have that the remaining 10% will be good.  With this concern – LogoIncluded has pretty much discontinued all 1GB and 2GB drives at this time.   If there is a specific need for smaller flash sizes – LogoIncluded can check daily to the availability of small flash sizes but be warned – prices could be higher than 4GB.

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