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Most Competitive Pricing

As every Promotional Distributor is aware, the issue of delivering a quality product at the lowest cost is now a greater concern than ever before.  We have  realigned our pricing structure so that you can continue to receive the same superior product and service  at prices that will enable you to stay competitive in this super competitive market segment.

Effective 5/1/13, LogoIncluded will no longer include the split key ring and individual plastic sleeve packaging on USB Flash Drive orders.  By doing this, our Partners will receive a more competitive base price without having to pay for items your client may not be interested in.  These items have been moved over to our “Options” category and can be ordered, if needed / desired by your end customer.   Standard USB bulk packaging will be included at no additional charge.

As always, we appreciate our Distributor Partner relationship and hope these changes will help you close more business, while still offering a quality product that you can stand behind to your customers.

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