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1GB & 2GB Near End of Life

March 21st, 2014

Going forward 4GB USB drives will be the entry level size.   Flash memory manufacturers are no longer making 1GB or 2GB flash chips.  The remaining small flash supplies have pretty much dried up to the point at which 4GB flash is virtually the same price.  At this point there is no reason to offer 1GB or 2GB when you can purchase 4GB drives at the same price.

Users should also be concerned about the quality and reliability of 1GB and 2GB flash if other vendors are still offering them.   The quality concern is because any 1GB or 2GB flash is going to be what is known as “marked down” memory.  Marked Down Flash memory is when a flash chip does not pass tests as it expected size and needs to be marked down to a smaller size to find working blocks.  As an example, a flash chip manufacture makes 8GB flash – but during testing – the chips fail to format maybe due to mistakes in the manufacturing process.  Maybe there is only 1GB of usable space in the 8GB chip –  so the chip is “marked down” from 8GB to 1GB.   But as a user of that drive – there would be major concerns that if nearly 90% of the blocks failed – what guarantee do you have that the remaining 10% will be good.  With this concern – LogoIncluded has pretty much discontinued all 1GB and 2GB drives at this time.   If there is a specific need for smaller flash sizes – LogoIncluded can check daily to the availability of small flash sizes but be warned – prices could be higher than 4GB.

PRICE WARNING – Memory Prices Trending up for Q3 & Q4

June 5th, 2013


The price of flash memory, especially 4GB is increasing since middle of last week (6/5/2013).  This trend is likely to continue during Q3 and Q4.  At best we will see prices fluctuating crazily during this time period, and probably trending up over time.   There are several reasons for the price increases:

1. The demand of Mobile Internet Device and cellphones are absorbing huge quantity of flash memory. We have heard rumors from Samsung that due to increasing demand for their mobile devices, their own supply will not be enough to fulfill all of the demand, so they will buy some memory from Toshiba to meet their demand commits, further constraining supply for our channel.

2. Due to developing technologies ( transition from MLC to TLC) and recent conversion to smaller chip die technologies, Toshiba, Intel, Micron, Hynix, etc. are no longer producing memory < 4GB in Capacity as the new die technologies yield 8GB modules. The supply of memory less than 8GB now is predominantly made up of new downgraded 8GB modules.  The supply on capacities greater than 8GB will likely be unstable at best and will continue to cause price volatility, and keep prices from declining from current levels and will probably drive prices up over the long term.

3. And of course the flash manufacturers all want the price to go up as the low levels we have seen over the last several years do not enable them to make sufficient profit on flash chips.

Please be aware of these market conditions and let your customers know – especially for larger opportunities.

Most Competitive Pricing

May 16th, 2013

As every Promotional Distributor is aware, the issue of delivering a quality product at the lowest cost is now a greater concern than ever before.  We have  realigned our pricing structure so that you can continue to receive the same superior product and service  at prices that will enable you to stay competitive in this super competitive market segment.

Effective 5/1/13, LogoIncluded will no longer include the split key ring and individual plastic sleeve packaging on USB Flash Drive orders.  By doing this, our Partners will receive a more competitive base price without having to pay for items your client may not be interested in.  These items have been moved over to our “Options” category and can be ordered, if needed / desired by your end customer.   Standard USB bulk packaging will be included at no additional charge.

As always, we appreciate our Distributor Partner relationship and hope these changes will help you close more business, while still offering a quality product that you can stand behind to your customers.

And the PPAI 2012 Giveaway Winners Are…

January 12th, 2012

iPad2 - Kathryn Peterson

iPod Touch – Tim Brown

iPod Shuffle – Nicole Striplin

iPod Nano – Jim Matsies

Thank you to everyone that registered and congratulations to our winners!  You should have already received notification from your Sales Rep and your prize is on the way.

If you weren’t able to stop by our booth at PPAI last week, we launched several new products - Mobile accessories, Apple compatible accessories, USB car chargers and much more.  Be sure to check out our website!

Sign Up and Win an iPad 2 today!

December 2nd, 2011

In our biggest contest of 2011, we are giving away what everybody has on their wish lists this year – Apple Products!

IT’S EASY – sign up for our contest and you’ve earned your chance to win one of the following prizes:

16GB iPad 2 (black)

6GB iPod Touch (black)

8GB iPod Nano (red)

2GB iPod Shuffle (blue)

Visit http://www.logoincluded.com/contest/ to sign up or get more details!

LogoIncluded Launches Hot New Products!

October 21st, 2011

NEW iPhone 4 cases! This ideal accessory is precisely engineered to fit the iPhone 4 perfectly.  Rugged enough to keep your phone safe from harsh environments, scratches. dust or damage.  Can be removed and washed for reuse, leaves no residue.


 Never touch your screen again! rfect for ladies who have their nails done,or if you don’t want to take your gloves off on a cold day.  These beautiful multi-purpose stylus tools and pen combo’s are conveniently sized and designed to fit just about anywhere.  Great corporate gift idea!

Premium sound earbuds!  Listen to your music with added comfort and quality with our noise-isolating, in-ear design.  The Isolator earbuds deliver precise clarity so you can enjoy natural vocals and a big bass punch without disortion.

Now you can navigate with a breeze! It works wirelessly, so you don’t have to worry about cable s or adaptors cuttering your workspace.  Discover how it’s elegant design quickly handles everyday on-screen action like scrolling and minimize/maximize with easy finger geatures.  Folds in half so it travels easily, illuminated scroll wheel, mini dongle included.

Charge you iPhone in your car, anytime/anywhere!
Small, compact for easy travel.  Plug in your cigarette lighter and charge your device.

There’s an App for Us!

August 10th, 2011

Check out the new LogoIncluded App available on the Apple App store for your iPhone, or iPad for access to all these great features:

We use state of the art photography equipment to take professional quality photos of our own products.  Now thousands of these photos are available to you anytime in the palm of your hand.  Ideal for presentations when you need to show your customer what a finished product will look like.

Tired of having to call your sales rep to get up-to-date accurate pricing?  Our app provides real-time pricing.  When we lower our pricing, you see
it right away!

If you are not yet a LogoIncluded distributor, all pricing is displayed as coded [R].  If you are, login with your LogoIncluded distributor credentials, and all of
the pricing throughout the entire app is updated to show YOUR PERSONALIZED NET pricing!

Always be ìin the knowî by reading our news section for sales and business tips and information about our newest product additions.  Our Specials area
will give you the details on all of our current promotions.  Weíll even provide you a PDF that you can send to others via e-mail.

Find detailed information on our products such as product colors, dimensions, imprint dimensions, product features, available packaging and accessories, product options and production times! Save your favorite products for quick access. Share any product via email with your clients.

We have hundreds of products, now available at your fingertips!  Browse through our catalog of USB flash drives, pen drives, optical mice, digital frames, screen cleaners and other technology products!

Take a video tour of our factory in China, learn about our passion for social accountability and our environment.  Read about our free mockup services and ability to make you a 100% high quality custom product and more.



Select USB Styles Ship as Fast as 24 Hours!

August 4th, 2011

LogoIncluded is proud to announce our Domestic Production options. We are now offering multiple styles of USB drives, with more exciting new products on the way! 1-3 Days from Approval to shipping including a 1 location, 1 PMS color imprint with no setup charge for the first logo. Look for us to add Digital Photo frames within the next week!

2 profitable products that you can sell to Pharma clients RIGHT NOW.

July 11th, 2011

The Pharma guidelines enacted in 2009 put a huge crimp on ad-specialty sales across the US. Many companies saw their revenues cut dramatically, and were forced to reinvent themselves overnight to respond to the changes created by the new guidelines. The guidelines are voluntary and they boil down to 2 basic rules regarding the sale of technology items. The basic rules are:

  1. The products must be used for educational purposes.
  2. The products can’t have any residual value (use)

With these limitations in mind we can recommend 2 HOT products for your pharma clients. These products are:

  • USB Flash Drives – In order to comply with the regulations USB drives must meet 2 important conditions:
    1. They must have content loaded that is educational in nature. This can be videos of drug usage information, prescribing info, contraindications, etc.
    2. The drive must have the educational data loaded and the entire drive has to be locked so that the content can’t be removed and nothing else can be stored on them(no residual value).

    It is important to consider that typically all this data is pretty small in size, and as the remaining space can’t be used you should buy the smallest capacity to fit the data that you are trying to load. This is typically 64MB for most of our clients.

  • Webkeys – A webkey looks like a USB drive, but instead of being able to store content, they hold a single URL, which is loaded on your internet browser when you plug the webkey into a USB port on your PC. For Pharma complance the URL needs to be pointed to educational content somewhere on their website. Webkeys have a couple of unique advantages which make them a VERY attractive alternative.
    1. Webkeys are typically quite a bit cheaper than a USB flash drive as there is no need for flash memory.
    2. Since a webkey points to a landing page on a website, the content can easily be changed after the units are shipped. Any changes made to the landing page are automatically changed the next time the user plugs the webkey into their PC.

The pharma changes definitely have caused a lot of heartburn in the industry, but fortunately, there are still many alternatives to sell into this HUGE market. If you have pharma clients or prospects, keep these points in mind to grow your business.

Want to sell more? 2 tips to ride the tablet wave.

July 5th, 2011

When Apple first created the iPad it was to mixed reviews of its utility, function, and purpose. Was it just an oversized iPhone? Was it just for games? Was it Apple’s big mistake? After the launch of the original iPad the sales numbers settled this one for us definitively. For 2010 Apple shipped an estimated 10 million units in the U.S., easily outpacing the original iPhone. With the breakaway success of the iPad other manufacturers are rushing to get in on the action and carve their piece of the tablet market. Early estimates indicate global sales of 44 million units for FY’11 are being reported by IDC, with early estimates for 2012 reaching as high as 70 million units. Tablet sales are expected to take outpace the sale of Netbooks for 2012.

This is great news for the promotional products industry. All of these units are going to need cases, screen protectors, chargers, car chargers, and other accessories. Targeting these products and opportunities will present great opportunities to increase sales with your existing customers, and show potential prospects that you are ahead of the market and proactively serving their needs. Being the first to show a client a new product or idea puts you in the drivers seat. No longer are you a vendor, but you are a now a partner, presenting them with new items and ideas to increase their brand awareness and help drive their marketing initiatives. When evaluating products keep these 2 pointers in mind:

  • Any iPad accessories are HOT! Apple’s iPad is still 90% of the market. Examples: cases , chargers, screen protectors, etc.)
  • Products that will work with any tablet. ( keyboards, stylus etc.)

Have you seen our hottest new iPad accessory? Introducing the TS01 – Stylus. Will work with any capacitive touch screen ( iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc).

TS01 The Digit iPad Stlus

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